Project Results 1

Employability and Entrepreneurship videos Interviews and development of tools related to employability and entrepreneurship on the culture field.

Creation of a web page linked to job search platforms in the cultural sector and information on possible career opportunities within the cultural sector.

Creation of Social media plan: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Spotify or Tik Tok to spread the content of the project.

– Create digital content through the recording of videos in the four partner countries languages (Spanish, Italian, Greek and Croatian) as well as in English, with all the implicit knowledge that this implies -digital publishing, image and sound quality, recording methods, control of time and intonation … etc-. In addition, by sharing these videos and podcast episodes on a website and on the project’s social media profiles, the partners will strengthen their digital capabilities, an aspect that has been revealed as essential in the context of the pandemic. The videos in which several cultural professionals from each partner country (historians, archaeologists, anthropologists, tourist guides, museum workers, photographers, artists, actors, video game creators, singers, painters, sculptors, dancers, hotel receptionists, travel agency workers…etc) will speak directly to young people about the employment and entrepreneurial opportunities offered by the sector. These videos also respond to the objective of promoting European cultural heritage and the need to give a boost to the cultural sector, which has been particularly hard hit by the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Languages: English , Greek , Italian , Spanish , Croatian , Italian , Spanish

Project result: Media Video

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Project Results 2

Podcast Program Participation on a podcast episode related to employability and entrepreneurship on the culture field.

Based on the 3 project needs: high youth unemployment rate in the project partner countries, low entrepreneurship initiative in these countries, and the bad moment the European cultural sector is going through due to the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic), the recording of a podcast programme on the employment and entrepreneurship opportunities offered by the cultural sector aims to address them to the promotion of European cultural heritage among young people and to the fight against unemployment and the promotion of entrepreneurship in the sector.

The target audience is young people, as according to recent statistics they are increasingly using new technologies, and in particular the podcast sector is constantly booming.

The programme will be broadcast on the project’s website and social networks, as well as being hosted on a free digital platform from which young people will be able to listen to them or download them. This is an innovative and unusual approach, as when people think of podcast programmes they usually think of entertainment, information, or debate, but not of employability tools.

The partners will proceed to record a podcast programme about employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in the cultural sector.

At least 2 episodes per country (one in the native language of the partner country, and one in English) are expected to be produced.

Languages: English , Greek , Italian , Spanish , Croatian , Italian , Spanish

Project result: Radio